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The National Association
on HIV over Fifty

Growing out of a conversation in DC among a group of HIV advocates who – correctly – foresaw the aging of the epidemic, NAHOF quickly took the lead in encouraging, disseminating and promoting information and action relating to HIV over 50 and bridging the disciplines of Aids+Aging.

The first conference was held in Newton, Mass, in 2001, followed by meetings in Phoenix in '03 and Miami in '06. NAHOF is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Directors, representing the geographic + disciplinary reach of the member organisations.
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NEAHOF in Boston, groups in the District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey and San Francisco have developed an ongoing relationship with issues of national + international health-care equality for the elderly positive population and continue to collate and disseminate information and to develop and share useful knowledge in prevention, testing, diagnosis, care + management of HIV and Aids in the Elder population and in concert with geriatric disciplines.
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