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Thanks to our colleagues + collaborators

The Association would not exist nor would we be able to present programs or provide services without the continuing and generous collaboration of many individuals and organizations.

Clinicians, researchers, policymakers and front-line advocates first realized the need for an Association to promote healthcare equality for the older, positive population.
Many established HIV, Aids + Aging groups help the Association bring attention to Hiv among the elderly, including the aging of those infected with HIV or suffering from Aids.
Working together, powerful collaborations open up conversation, engage new populations, bring healthcare equality to aging positives and help protect increasingly sexually active elders from infection.

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10th Annual National Conference on HIV/AIDS and Aging
Friday 26 September 2014
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library + Museum, Boston MA
In partnership withJohn F. Kennedy Presidential Library + Museum
and Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

Co-sponsored by John F. Kennedy Presidential Library + Museum, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health
and New England Aids Education + Training Center

Additional support from the University of Massachusetts
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We welcome to the Conference Front-line experts, clinicians, care workers, policy makers, researchers, community activists, administrators, social workers, all affected by HIV+ Aging or serving those who are.
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The New England Aids Education + Training Center presents events on topics from international issues to personal nutrition, medical advances to HepC interaction.
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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health provides ongoing support for the National Conference + other educational activities.
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Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, a Massachusetts Public Health teaching hospital affiliated with Tufts University School of Medicine and the Lahey Clinic.
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The John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum + Library hosted the 2010 Conference. In 2011, they are granting financial + logistic support.

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Other program collaborations and general administrative support.
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Boston Living Center, our partner at health fairs, offers a place where people come for food, friends, holistic health support + skill development.
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The Aids Education + Training Center network helps us in nursing home trainings.
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New England Aids Education + Training Center has for many years given the Association a home, provided technical + administrative support and constant encouragement.
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Neahof minority community workshops operate under a grant from The Health Resources + Services Administration, US Dep't of Health + Human Services.

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The M'lana Meetings at Fenway Health focus on data collection + surveys.
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Information Technology UMass Boston hosted the Association website for years and continues to provide technical advice.
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The Association began in 1995 at the Midwest Aids Training + Education Center.
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The first Hiv50+ resource center was set up at Boston's Multicultural Aids Coalition.

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Neahof is a founding member of the Senior Pride Coalition, which presents events for seniors at the Boston Pride celebration each spring. We acknowledge our partners in that effort.
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The LGBT Aging Project works for equal access to services.
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Boston PrimeTimers gives a social focus to older men + their friends.
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Older Lesbian Energy provides social + business networking.
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Stonewall Communities helps make LGBT elders active, visible, vocal + valued.

Credit: from LGBT White House Consult, 2011, courtesy of Jim Campbell | Version 1.0 | Update 30Jun11 | Editor Paul Quin