Aids+ Aging Awareness Day.
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Neahof 10th National Conference on HIV, Aids+Aging, Boston, Fri 26 Sept 2014.
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Press. Stay current on Hiv50+ Aids+Aging topics with NewsBreak.
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The 50 ribbon logo is a trademark of the New England Association on HIV over Fifty, Inc.
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The NEAHOF Mission:
Working to bring healthcare equality and
to build vibrant, productive lives for Positive Elders

The New England Association on HIV over 50 expresses the natural affiliation of those coping with the challenges of aging and affected by the spread of HIV among the elderly, some of us ourselves infected with the virus.

We are housewives, gardeners, teachers, grandparents, healthcare professionals, policymakers, community activists, children, scientists, grandchildren and friends.
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Our mission
  • Build understanding and support for infected
    or affected older people.
  • Expand community conversations and activities
    to include older generations.
  • More fully address the interplay of aging and disease.
In pursuit of this mission, we use research, education, communication, personal empowerment and thoughtful challenge.

We promote engagement and mutual respect among professionals in Aging and HIV policy, research, advocacy and care, champion the viewpoints and voices of those over 50 facing the health challenges of aging, including HIV and Aids, ask how age and disease affect HIV prevention, diagnosis and treatment and how HIV affects aging.

We believe each individual has a right to respect, information, self-expression, social support and self-determination.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and pitch in?

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Each day, at home and all over the world, certain key issues grab our attention and compel action. Check today's Act for Change agenda.
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Folks over 50 with HIV are often caught between medical worlds. Find answers to HIV FAQs to keep you + yours alive.
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Neahof runs Boston support groups for those affected by HIV and Aging; for details, contact the office.