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Today's hot issues.

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It's National Conference time in 2014 . . .

Visit the 10th National Conference page.

Register now.

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It's time the CDC called for universal testing of adults . . .

Read about the issue.

Sign the petition to the CDC.

Read our fact backgrounder.

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The Indiana Sex Study report . . .

Learn about Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion and the National Survey.

Find the Journal of Sexual Medicine supplement online. You may be eligible for guest access. Check for the Journal at a local university, public or hospital library.

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White House update . . .

Jim Campbell's report on the May consultation at the White House.

The story of White House engagement, or not, in Hiv50+ issues.

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Hoping, Wishing, Praying, the opening segment of the movie Still Around, opened the 6th National Conference in Boston on 23 September 2011.

Still Around, produced by Marc Smolowitz and Jörg Fockele, includes segments directed by Emmanuelle Antolin, Daniel Cardone, Leo Chiang, Deborah Craig, Robert Dekkers, Veronica Duport Deliz, Jörg Fockele, Stuart Gaffney, Amir Jaffer, Sade Huron, Tim Kulikowski & Ian Wolfley, Rick Osmon, Anne Siegel, Marc Smolowitz and Debra A. Wilson marking the 30th anniversary of HIV.