The nationwide movement to expand CDC testing recommendations has been gaining strength as more people + groups come to understand the need for testing older Americans.
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This petition drive grows out of broad support for the change at the White House consultation.

For more information, write Jim Campbell, Chair, NEAHOF.
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Universal HIV testing

HIV testing is essential for older Americans. To exempt elders from HIV test recommendations is to perpetuate dangerous myths: That older people do not need protection from HIV. That seniors are not sexually active.

If elders are to take the lead in sexual responsibility, as we should, we need information. There is no way to protect ourselves against an epidemic whose existence among us is denied. There is no way to care for infected elders if we do not know of their status.

Join NEAHOF and other Aids+Aging advocates to help the CDC make a good policy for America, bring us closer to healthcare equality for seniors and stop the HIV epidemic.