The National HIV·AIDS Strategy document charged the Department of Health + Human Services with hosting “technical consultations with leaders from national LGBT organizations to develop strategies that re-envision HIV prevention in a broader, social context of health promotion and health equity.”
NEAHOF was invited in recognition of our continuing support of LGBT community issues and to help open up the HIV prevention conversation to include elders of all sexual persuasions.
NEAHOF gathered great support for asking the CDC to recommend HIV testing for all adults, regardless of age.
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White House hosts
HIV·Aids strategy consultation

Jim Campbell represents NEAHOF at March 2011 meeting of The National HIV/AIDS Strategy Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community Consultation.


Welcome, Ronald O. Valdiserri, M.D., MPH, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, Infectious Diseases

Remarks, Jeffrey Crowley, MPH, Director, White House Office of National HIV/AIDS Policy

Overview of Agenda, Christopher H. Bates, MPA, Executive Director, Presidential Advisory Council on HIV·AIDS

The Domestic HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Impact on LGBT Communities, Ronald Stall, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Is HIV/AIDS an important health concern in your community? Why or why not. Discussion moderated by Christopher H. Bates, MPA

Recent Successes and Challenges Promoting Health in LGBT Communities, panelists Valerie Spencer, BA, Transcend Empowerment Institute, Rodney Van Derwarker, MPH; Fenway, Darryl Cummings, MA; LA Gay and Lesbian Center, Andrew Forsyth, PhD, moderator

And yes we know, some of them are . . . , Jesse Milan, J.D., Altarum Institute

Breakout sessions

In all sessions, emphasis was on identifying untapped or unrealized potential partners.

How can federal agencies and non-governmental organizations improve partnerships to promote healthy LGBT communities beyond HIV?

If health promotion or HIV is not a priority in your work or for your constituency, what strategy would you use to penetrate resistance?

How can health promotion or the National HIV·AIDS Strategy be incorporated into the work that you do or used to enhance services you are already providing?

As you see it, what are unmet health needs or concerns in your community and what barriers exist beyond funding?

Affinity groups

Common question for all groups: If you were tasked with designing a preventative health campaign for your organization or community, what would it look like? What messages would it contain? And how would you convey it?

How does HIV fit into the health concerns of the MSM community?

How does HIV fit into the health concerns of women?

How does HIV fit into the health concerns of the transgender·transsexual community?

How does HIV fit into the health concerns of those over 50?

How does HIV fit into the health concerns of LGBT youth + young adults?