Get to know HIV.

Here are a few sites to start. Ask your doctor or clinic for advice. Get local info. Use the Web
Aids Action Library, helpful HIV resource overview.

Hiv InSite is the UCSF Left Coast info center.

HIV 101 and other help for the newly positive.

Let's Talk discusses HIV issues with kids, parents + providers.

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Paul Quin
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Cute little thing, this virus.

Those beads on her jacket, they're how she grabs t-cells and slips inside. We know how this works and we know how to stop it from working.

Once in, she uses the normal life process of the t-cell to make children – potentially thousands of virus babies that spread through your blood and lymphatic system to infect and destroy more t-cells, and more until your body is left defenseless.

Along comes the simplest infection, you're done for. No need to be a virologist to stay alive.

Learn how HIV works: Learn how to stop it.