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Version 1.0 | Update 10Jul11
Written by Paul Quin
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Take a new start.

Turning 50 looks to youth like the end of the line. But when we get here, we elders understand it's a new start on a new life.

When I was diagnosed with HIV in 1985, common wisdom was, I'd be lucky to survive the year. Now, everyone assumes I'll live as long as anyone and die from old age.

After the first days pass, the candles on the cake are cold, the ink dry on the diagnosis, all the necessary arrangements made, it's time to look forward, see the broad horizon and make a good life.

Other resources
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The Body has chats with medical experts plus personal front-line stories, including tips on dealing with a new diagnosis.
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The National Institutes of Health Medline compiles info + resources on Seniors' Health.
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Let's Talk hosts front-line family discussions on HIV issues.

Living on the front line
in the struggle with Hiv + Aging

Sometimes we're called 'patients' and 'family', sometimes 'clients' or 'those affected by'. There's a movement to call us 'consumers', as in 'consumers of healthcare'. But every one of those epithets has its downside, its impropriety.

What we are is folks living, living on the front line, trying the best we can to get by, to make the world a better place, to take care of our loved ones – and ourselves.

Here we say, 'We're on the front line.' This section is ours. You might start here.