Start here :: Everyone is vulnerable.
Know your status.
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No points for going it alone :: Social service advocates can help you find + manage healthcare.
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Take steps to ensure you get proper care.
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Find a provider you trust.
Know the standard of care for your conditions.
Be frank with your healthcare team.
Keep a checklist.
Take notes.
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Find the best health care.

Some things to look for in picking a doctor or clinic.

Local + accessible. If you can't easily get there, you won't go often enough.

Knows how to treat your medical condition. There is no substitute for interest + experience.

Knows how to treat you. Find a comfortable + supportive social situation. Remember, your care depends on all the staff, not just the doctor.

You can afford. Don't set yourself up to have finances get in the way of good healthcare. :: Find Hiv services by zipcode.
Administration on Aging :: Eldercare Locator lets you find services by area and topic (HIV not included).
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