Special needs trusts administer funds for the benefit of elder + disabled people. And maintain health benefits.
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Elder abuse is too common. Watch for signs, stay involved, get help if there's any problem.
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Reverse morgage? Be careful and it can be a useful tool. Likewise bankruptcy.
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Art source: After 'Banker' from Hot Men of Britain by VB.
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Get your finances in order.

Much changes – or might quickly change – about your financial situation once you are diagnosed with disabling HIV or pass the magic age of 65.5. A little re-assessment + planning can help avoid, say, homelessness or bankruptcy.

Pay attention to income, expenses, benefits + contingency plans. Consider getting folks to help you take care of these things.

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Medicare + other medical insurance + benefit programs need to cover your healthcare costs.
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Emergency aid is available from grass-roots + government sources.
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Utilise front-line advocates, case workers, social workers or support group volunteers, to help you navigate unfamiliar bureaucracies.

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Income stabilisation can be achieved using Social Security, disability + retirement.
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If you're overwhelmed, call for help.
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Fiscal caretakers, informed bankers or landlords may be invaluable through tough times.