Core partnerships
for the newly elderly
or newly positive collates US HIV info + services.
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National Council on Aging is a public-private partnership on info, policy + services.
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Project Inform has grassroots HIV info + advocacy.
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Institute on Aging has Federal info, services + research.
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Mayo Clinic is a private hospital with useful patient info on HIV.
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Version 1.0 | Update 9Jul11
by Paul Quin
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An overview of information sites
by type of sponsor

Start simple + reliable. Then experiment.

Find sites organized the way you know how to think. Sites that address your key issues in language you understand. These will lead you on to learn what you need to know.

The Internet is a large + wonderful world – in which it's easy to lose your way. To stay anchored, begin close to home and move slowly outward, following your interests + intrigues.

Use these links to access the lists . . .
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Federal sites center on the National Institutes of Health to provide a range of info on both HIV + Aging.
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Grass-roots groups have long been at the cutting edge in both Aging + HIV info. Some of these have become major institutions as government-community partnerships.
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State + local government sites tend to focus on services rather than information, with some stellar exceptions.

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Hospitals + institutes
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Community partnerships
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Pharmaceutical company sites

Also check out NEAHOF resources.
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Attend the 10th National
Conference on
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Aids+Aging Quarterly coming.
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NewsBreak brings current stories.

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Review HIV basics.
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Live well + prosper, get a new start on life.
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Consider the many aspects of aging.

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Adult conversations about sex + life on Eldersexual, a community partneship.
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Ask your health providers to get a clinical viewpoint on your health + sanity issues.
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Help expand public awareness at community centers, health fairs + workshops.