The Social Security Administration is central to the life of elders + the HIV+. See what you can do.
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Medicare provides basic healthcare for seniors + those with HIV disability.
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NIH Office of Extramural Research coordinates Federal grants.
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The National Institutes of Health ::
At the center of the Federal Aids+Aging information network

The NIH supplies basic, front-line information, supports researchers and healthcare professionals and provides background data for policymakers through a network of specialised sites and programs.

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Aging info + services are found at the National Institute on Aging.
Have questions about what getting older means to you? SeniorHealth has answers. (Tip: Prepare questions before you go on line.)
Want to know what's new in the field? Read the monthly Spotlight on Aging Research.
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HIV treatment is the focus on AidsInfo, everything from vaccines + clinical trials to microbicides.
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Federal HIV info + services are coordinated by the White House Office of Aids.
The front-line site,, assembles HIV resources from federal agencies + provides basic information.
There's also a push toward innovative uses of new media, with instruction + tips.

Centers for Disease Control resources focus on testing, diagnosis + prevention.
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Healthy Aging is the CDC clearinghouse for data and information on aging.
Links access info on common issues among the elderly, including HIV.
Resources guide assembles publications of interest to advanced front-line students, clinicians, researchers + community activists.
Caregiving provides a public health slant on issues, resources + training.
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has long been at the center of HIV research, prevention + treatment.