If you are having a medical emergency or are in danger, call 911.
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Hotline + warmline resources.

Places to start sorting out Hiv + Aging

We often need personal advice + support in times of confusion or need. Here are some ways for newcomers to get quick help in a crisis.

Quick checklists for first issues

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The senior years may appear to be a thicket of dis-opportunity, full of threats of disease + debility. Prevention is a powerful weapon. Use it.
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Take steps for proper care:
Find a provider you trust.
Know the standard of care for your conditions.
Be frank with your healthcare team.
Keep a checklist.
Take notes.
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Testing + diagnosis

Service locators

Aids.gov :: Find Hiv services by zipcode.
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Administration on Aging :: Eldercare Locator lets you find services by area and topic (HIV not included).

HIV hotlines
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HIV InSite, formerly CDC hotline, now a project of UCSF, lists principal Hiv information centers + hotlines country-wide
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Project Inform, questions about infection or transmission 800.342.2437 + listing of state Hiv hotlines.
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Women Alive is about Aids, done by + for women; with national hotline + local LA services.

Aging hotlines
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National Center on Elder Abuse lists state help lines, hotlines + prevention resources.
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The Administration on Aging of the CDC has a range of programs and information.
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Advocacy. Action. Answers on Aging, the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging site, covers advocacy, training + services.
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National Suicide Hotline 800.784.2433 or 800.273.8255 + list of state suicide hotlines.

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Other places on this site to find referrals
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Inform yourself discusses the importance of taking control of information, including a short list of useful sites.
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Get up to speed on prevention, testing + treatment and start now to build better health.
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Explore Hiv50+ Awareness + other public education programs. plus Academic + clinical training.
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Find support for healing in your closest relationships. Trust your family, challenge your faith.