Disciplines like yoga or qigong help focus energies, refresh the spirit + breed tranquility.
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Your local health services agencies may have information, help + support.
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There's something about
the number 37.

Each of us has triggers. We tend to be more conscious of what charges anger – for ourselves and our acquaintances – than tranquility.

Anger's not bad; it tells us what's important + gives us energy to act on it. But anger disrupts; we often need integration, a gathering of forces, healing space.

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Smell the flowers.

Nothing is so consuming as to leave no room for joy. Sunlight on a rosepetal. A wisp of breeze chasing through the grass. The way the barrista's arm flexes as they put up your caffè. Delights feed us. Notice. Remark. Carry thoughts of joy like a necklace of daisies into the dark tunnels of your days.
Small acts of kindness smooth any path. A smile may avoid conflict, keep pain at bay, prevent crisis. Bake the pharmacist a cake. Say, Good morning, sunshine. If you go so far as to sing to yourself, you'll get a reputation as crazy, which sometimes helps.

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Talk it over.

Tell the story, it becomes new again. Settles into memory. Might become also the hearer's delight. It is how we learn, how we enjoy, how we bring experience into our life.
Share unsettled thoughts. Pleasure or terror, insight or dilemma, all gain perspective when spoken of. Sometimes a simple mention sparks resolution.
Listening can feed us more knowledge than talking. Other eyes + ears, same world, richer experience. And in others, we can see mistakes made that in ourselves would not be clear. We learn to avoid problems + seize the joy.

Gather the world about you; not invisibility, simply joy.

Four tips for preventing despair . . .

Broaden your social network. Don't get trapped in a narrow world-view.

List the five most important things in your life – then spend time enjoying them!

Think, If money were no object, what would I do today? Now, think again: How can you get this same pleasure with the resources you have at hand? We can generally accomplish more than we think.

Imagine a dinner or lunch party with your five favorite people. Then figure out how to spend some time with each of them this week!