Harm reduction is the movement that supports those who engage in dangerous or damaging behavior and cannot stop.
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The idea is to minimize damage while a person is moving toward reducing or eliminating risk. The Needle Exchange program is one public face of harm reduction.
Talk with someone if you are in trouble. Call a hotline.
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If you've gone through that door

You know it's not always easy to give up habits even when you know the harm they do. Sometimes, the cost/benefit analysis doesn't look encouraging. In any case, no reason to let the four horsemen loose in your life, just because you happen to like . . . whatever a bit more than you should.
Mens sana en corpore sano.

First, if you have murderous habits in your life, be sane about pursuing them. If you use needles, use clean ones and don't share. If you consume narcotic substances, treat the poisons with respect, control the use as much as you can, do all the things you can to minimize ill effects. Notably, eat well and hydrate continually. Water is a universal blessing.

Second, beware the top four killers: Tobacco, poor diet, lack of exercise, substance abuse.
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is a factor in all 3 leading causes of death – Heart disease, cancer + lung disease. Stopping smoking has been shown to extend life expectancy at whatever age one stops. Stop-smoking has also been credited with softer, more resilient skin and an upsurge in energy.

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comes in second place as a causative factor. Poor diet, loaded with salts, sugar + fat. Not loaded with vitamins, flavor or bulk. An improvement in diet can bring immediate health results. Diabetes, liver + kidney problems are often related to and controlled by diet as well as medications.

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– lack of exercise, that is – and a resulting decline in general wellness – come third. Even small efforts to become more active and more engaged in life markedly increase longevity + improve the quality of life.

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Primarily alcohol over-use (smoking is such a risk it's a category of its own), addictions are major enablers of all types of fatal problems. Recovery, either with abstinence or the triumph of moderation, helps survival at any age.