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Get tested.
Every sexually active adult should have an HIV test.
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Prevention is critical to healthy living + independence says the CDC in a 2011 report advocating wider use of clinical prevention services.
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Keep informed. The more you know, the better you can make decisions. Talk with your peers. Read. Ask your doctors + nurses.
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Discussions here are intended for information and dialog only. Talk with your healthcare professional before making decisions or taking actions that may affect your health.
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Practice prevention

Prevention only begins with safer sex.

Protecting yourself has many faces:
Eat well, love well, exercise, rest, relax, do no harm.

Proactive care brings advantage in every part of life.
Act now for maximum benefit.

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Take charge of your health.

Find primary healthcare providers you trust.
Research your health issues, so you know what your doctor is talking about.
Decide what is important to you and your life. You might want to pay extra attention to social life. If you smoke, you're going to want to quit.

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Healthcare finder is a place to start looking for providers.
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Be frank with your doctor. What they don't know about could hurt you.
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How do you know whom to trust? Review the rules of on-line learning.

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Socializing may be a new art-form for many of us. It takes practice.
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It's never too soon to stop smoking. And never too late to get healthier from stopping.
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Your treatment plan is personal. Work it out.